Save the Queen is my official wardrobe sponsor.  Hou did this happen, you ask?  🙂

Over 10 years ago I was walking around in the beautiful streets of Paris – Saint Germain arrondissement and came upon a charming little boutique of eclectic designer clothing. The prices were not cheap for a student like me at the time, however I feel in love with one piece and decided that since I had just won quite a bit of a cash prize for 1st Grand Prize of The Jacques-Thibaud International Violin Competition…I could splurge a little! So I bought this daring, original, hand-stitched and essentric shirt and I am so glad I bought that shirt…because little did I know that day was when this love affair with my favourite designer would begin…

Fast forward a decade and I was once again walking the streets of Paris on Boulevard Saint Germain when I found the most amazing boutique: Save The Queen. The window was like a dream…in that I felt as if my artistic soul was captured in every creative, colourful, bold yet stylishly balanced in every way piece…I was drawn inside, and there I stayed for over 5 hours trying literally everything in the store they had in my size!! Eventually, I walked out with so many bags I could hardly carry them and I even had to buy an additional suitcase to fit it all!

When I arrived home (at that time I was living in London UK), something drew me to my closet where I remember this other ‘first’ piece of clothing I fell in love with. I thought: “it must be from the same country or something because the style was very similar”. As it turns out, my little shirt was more than just similar…it was designed by the one and only, the very same, SAVE THE QUEEN!!! Ever since then I have waited until my Paris visits to buy all of my clothing for the whole year…sometimes I’ve had to wait 2 years to buy anything…perhaps a little obsessive but great things are worth waiting for!

If you’ve ever visited Firenze (Florence, where the original and first Save The Queen boutique still is) you could never forget this wondrous city with its powerful architecture and infectious artistic spirit. It is no wonder this great city was once the birth of Renaissance! Our art is a reflection of the architecture, people, culture, music, and way of life we immerse ourselves in. I am mesmerized by Firenze…for its quiet grace, old world charm, stunning Arno River, and passionate summer Tuscan sun.   How could one not fall in love with this city and its creations…???

Needless to say…I am absolutely thrilled with the artistic offering and support from Save The Queen – Elena Fantini.

Many thanks,

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou


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Save The Queen Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

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