Susanne Hou joins forces with International Bestselling Author Tess Gerritsen in her upcoming novel Playing With Fire. Gerritsen’s latest novel is inspired by and centres around an original composition for violin and piano entitled Incendio, written by the author herself! Susanne has recorded the haunting work to coincide with the release of the novel and has also composed her own cadenzas which are now part of the recording. (Read more from Tess in her BLOG!)

Susanne will be presenting a sneak preview of Incendio In Concert with American pianist Peter Longworth at Mount Royal University in Calgary on October 26th, the evening before the official international release of the book.

Here is a short sample of the music! (It is worth the wait for the track to fully download before playing…)

Incendio is now available on iTunes and, Spotify, Google Play, Microsoft, iHeart Radio, Tidal, KKBox, and other sites.

For non-US listeners, you can purchase the music at:

Incendio”, Theme Music for Playing with Fire.
Composed by: Tess Gerritsen, cadenza by Yi-Jia Susanne Hou
Violin: Yi-Jia Susanne Hou ***
Piano: Peter Longworth
Recorded August 25, 2015 at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, Canada
Producers: Dennis Patterson and Yi-Jia Susanne Hou
Sound Engineering & Mastering: Dennis Patterson
Developed together with Original Production Music LLP & Upper Street Production Music Ltd, London
*** Recorded on the 1739 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu ‘Kortschak’ violin, which Susanne endearingly calls “Charlie”.


Comments (25)

  1. Carole Marino

    On the back inside cover of “Playing With Fire”, it states that there is a free sample of Incendio at this website. I do not see anything like that here??

  2. Crystal Davidson

    I found myself so engrossed in the book “Playing With Fire” that I could not put it down until I finished it on New Year’s Day. Tess Gerritsen and Yi-Jia Susanne Hou are two very talented women. I will recommend this book and the music to my friends!

  3. Dawn Willoughby

    I really love the music and the book – I was so engrossed I didn’t anticipate the ending!

  4. Vicki Hornby

    Beautiful and haunting piece of music, after reading the book and then listening to the music I felt quite sad for the characters in the book. Beautifully played miss Hou x

    • SusanneHouAdmin

      Dear Vicki,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with our readers here. The ‘book + music’ experience is a new one, especially when the music has been written by the author! I personally felt it deepened my reading experience. I’d like to nominate Tess for ‘best original book themesong’!!!

      Very best wishes,

  5. Mary Serrurier

    I was unable to put this book down .. Tess, you excelled yourself! Indeed haunting and the music is an added bonus.
    So enjoyed meeting you and Jacob when you visited Cape Town.

  6. Jonell Volpe

    The music for “Incendio” is every bit as beautiful and haunting as I imagined it while reading the book. Truly loved this book and the music is quite fitting for the deep sorrow felt while I read it. Bravo to both the writer and violinst!

  7. Simin golfeiz

    Thanks for writing sach a beautiful book and thanks for remembering the holocaust.for people like you that the world still makes sense !

  8. Paul Parrish

    I loved Playing With Fire and the sample of Incendio. I’d like to buy Incendio and Possessed but I only have a cd player and they don’t seem available in that format. Very sorry for this.

    • SusanneHouAdmin

      Hello Paul, thanks so much for your response to PLAYING WITH FIRE & POSSESSED! I am happy to report that POSSESSED is available in CD-format and you may purchase it here:

      I will note and pass along your desire to have PWF on a CD, but as a single release, it will likely have to wait for a future compilation TBD!

      Very best musical regards and hope you enjoy Possessed in the meantime!

  9. carmen conley

    What a haunting book. It will remain in my memory for years. I listened to incendio, wow! Words can’t describe how that beautiful music made me feel. Thank you,

    • SusanneHouAdmin

      Dear Carmen,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful response! Thank you for sharing with us here. I shall pass this along to Tess Gerritsen as well.

      Wishing you continued beautiful artistic experiences,

  10. Pauline

    Thank you for playing this beautiful music. The book was fantastic (as all of Tess’ are). If felt like a true story. I am not really an expert on the computer but managed somehow to listen to the theme music. Absolutely brilliant – would love to hear it played with the cello accompanying. It would be wonderful if a film could be made of this book. You are both so talented.

  11. Gordon Worth

    what a fabulous treat this is. Two of my passions , literature and music coming together like this. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  12. L.Glenn

    I really LOVED this book. I hope it will be translated into a move.
    Ms. Gerritsen you have a new fan, l can not wait to start on the next book.